Sunday, May 16, 2010


Three. How is it that you are three years old now? How is it that it has already been three years since my dream of having a daughter came true? How?
My sweet baby girl. You challenge me in more ways than I can count. You are so stubborn that it shocks even me. You are so beautiful that you take my breath away on a regular basis. You’re smart, witty, amazing. You look at me with those big eyes and the world melts away. I am in awe of how self-assured you are at the age of 3. I wish I could have just one hundredth of that confidence.
You had a tough act to follow, being Dylan’s little sister. Such an amazing role model to look up to. But man do you hold your own. You’re tough as nails, kiddo. You give us a run for our money every day. I can’t imagine you any other way.
In the last three years I have learned what it meant to be a mom to a daughter. To start to truly understand how special that bond is for a mom. My hopes and dreams for you are the same as for your brother. Love. Success – as you define it. Happiness. What I wouldn’t give to ensure your happiness. But, unfortunately, it will be out of my hands.
What I can do is this. I promise to support your dreams. To love you when you feel unlovable. To love you when I don’t like you. To hug you harder when you try to pull away. To let you go when you need explore. To welcome you back when you are ready. To pick you up when you fall. To put the pieces back together when you fall apart. To love you.