Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kindergarten Revisited

I had a lot of fears about Dylan and kindergarten. How well would he adjust, would he make friends, would he succeed? I am very happy to report they have all gone unfounded. He is a wonderful, wonderful kid and is genuinely thriving in kindergarten. He's maturing before our very eyes. Growing into a different person with sarcasm, wit, intelligence and compassion. He loves school and we love what it's doing for him.

Rack 'em Up.

Dylan is on a bowling kick thanks to the Wii. We have plastic bowling pins. We bowled a lot this weekend. A friend was over Saturday and they were playing. The following conversation happened:

Fun Auntie Lynne: Rack 'em Rusty.

Dylan: Oh, that was really close but my name is Dylan. (in his best "aren't you so special in the short bus kind of way" voice.)