Wednesday, February 25, 2009

6 years.


Six years ago you came into my world. Four days late, a 9 pound kicking mass of boy who was more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. Amazing lips, which didn't go unnoticed by a single person who saw you, dark hair like mine and chubby thighs I could have nibbled on all day. What came after was a crazy mess of emotions I never knew I was capable of feeling. A love so fierce it overcomes me at times. Worry so great it overcomes me at times. Pride so great it overcomes me at times. Parenthood is an all consuming thing, my love.

I am honored to be your mom. I am proud to be your mom. I am proud of the human being you are becoming. The compassion you have for others. The amazing gift for reading you seem to have. The way you are with your sister - gentle, sweet, tolerant, loving. You can me laugh or cry in an instant.

In the past 6 years you have learned how to do the following:
Sit up.
Use a fork, spoon and knife.
Poop and potty in a toilet.
Use a computer.
ALMOST ride a bike.
Drive us crazy. ;)
Raise your hand.
Share your toys.
Work the iPod.
Be an amazing human being.

Thank you for being who you are every day of your life and giving me the great pleasure of being your guide.

I love you.







Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm Ready.

I've been out of work for almost 2 months now and I'm ready to go back. I'm ready to wake up and have to get ready every day. I ready to have responsibilities that lie outside my home. I'm ready to be able to buy a $10 shirt without feeling guilty. I'm ready to interact with more than 5 people on a daily basis.

I'm ready.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Guilt

I was out for happy hour with a friend about a week ago. Dave called when he had picked up the kids and they both demanded to speak with me. Dylan and I spoke then he handed the phone to Sasha. This is the conversation:

M: Hi baby.
M: Hi baby.
S: Mama, I 'iss 'oo!
M: You miss me?
S: DA!!! I 'iss 'oo! Mama home!


Tonight Dave picked them up as I had gone to the gym. We were both on our way home. Again, I spoke to both kids. Dylan informed me had a great day and then handed the phone to S. Which, by the way, is always accompanied with the declaration: Mommy, Sasha would like to talk to you next.

S: HI Mama!!!
M: Hi baby. How are you?
S: I 'aid, Hi MAMA!
Repeat times 3.


The baby girl is 21-months-old today. It's hard to believe it's been almost 2 years. It's hard to believe the crying, squirming little nugget we brought home from hospital is now a little person. A little person who wears pigtails, has opinions on everything from what to eat to what to wear, likes to have her nails painted, speaks in sentences, hams it up for the camera and does a million other things. She cracks me up daily with constant singing. She adores her big brother more than words can possibly express and charms every single person with whom she makes eye contact in a way I have only seen her brother do before. She's just so amazing. And I can't imagine a greater grace in my life than seeing my children interact. Seeing them love and seeing them learn.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Grace In Small Things: 7

1. Scoring some great deals for the kids on new clothes.
2. A flicker of light in a very dark tunnel.
3. Seeing an old friend last night who makes me laugh and laugh.
4. My daughter saying "I miss you mama, mama home." on the phone last night.
5. The world's most amazing children. Hands down.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Grace In Small Things: 6

1. Baby girl's surgery went very well last week.
2. Reconnecting with a very old friend today.
3. Having my house back.
4. Guitar Hero parties with friends.
5. The ability to identify 4 things.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Grace In Small Things: 5

I'm having a tough time coming up with these today but here goes:
1. My major car repair being covered under warranty.
2. A yummy pasta lunch.
3. TiVo
4. All the laundry being done and put away 24 hours after it was started.
5. Adorable little red toes on the baby girl.