Sunday, February 19, 2006

The pics...

The cut...

His semi toothless grin...

on the mend...

Dylan seems to be feeling great today, which we are very grateful for.

We did go to the dentist around 5:30 yesterday. The tooth was cracked in half and the nerve was exposed, which is why it was hurting him. The dentist had to pull the tooth. It's his lower left eye tooth. Apparently, permanent eye teeth don't come in any sooner if the baby is lost too early (like front teeth would).

The tooth pulling was a lot easier on D than the stitches. Anyway, the tooth probably won't come up until he is 8 or 9. I'm terrified that he'll be teased about missing a tooth but we'll deal with that later.

I'll try to post pics soon.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Well, we just had our first round of stitches and I'm hoping it's the last.
Dylan had swimming lessons this morning and I stayed back at home. Dave took him and told me to sleep in. I woke up to the phone ringing and Dave telling me Dylan had just slipped as they were walking out of the showers and cut his chin open - he needs stitches - and for me to get there right away. Dave had his hand on Dylan's shoulder to help stabilize him as they walked and he just couldn't catch him when Dylan slipped.
I popped out of bed and got over there ASAP. Then off to the ER.

Long story longer, he ended up with about 13 internal and 10 external stitches. After we got home he told us he has an owie in his mouth and we discovered he has a loose tooth. Now Dylan is napping and we're waiting to hear back from the dentist on whether or not we need to come in.

More updates later.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Life as a Partridge

Well, as one of you so astutely pointed out, we now bear a striking resemblance to the Partridge Family. At least once a day, Dave and I both get handed an instrument and are instructed to play. Tonight I got to play the tambourine. Dave, being the true musician that he is, is trying to keep us all in synch with the use of a metronome. He starts it, it goes for about a minute and then Dylan closes it. He's not a fan.

On another note, I got to share one of my all time favorite activities with the little monster this weekend. We took him to his first movie theater movie. We saw Curious George, a.k.a. The Monkey Movie. Dylan loved it and actually laughed at the funny parts. He was an absolute prince and didn't even have to take a potty break. Which is good because I have no idea how he would have reacted to the fact that the movie cannot paused in the same way it can at home.

I have a feeling we'll be enjoying an encore presentation on his birthday.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Upcoming Birthday

Thoughts are swirling through my head as Dylan approaches his third birthday. It's hard to believe that not quite three years ago we didn't even know if we were going to be the proud parents of a son or daughter and here we are with a walking, jumping, dancing, singing, talking, playing little person whose smile has enough wattage to light up an entire city.

Dylan has brought so much pure, unadulterated joy into our lives. Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, compares to the smile and hugs a child can give when they are excited to see you. To get these hugs, smiles and kisses on a daily basis is enough to send one into a tailspin of wondering how this kind of luck has been bestowed upon you.

In the past week, D has started singing about little Joeys jumping on the bed. It's quite the site to see. He has also, much to our joy?, rediscovered the drum and symbols he got for Chanukkah. It's a treat. He insists on all of us having an instrument and playing at the same time. Who knew we would have a family band.

We have had a few questions of what Dylan would like for his bday. He does NOT need any more toys. He has plenty, seriously, no room left in the play room. So, here's a brief list of what he would like for his bday:
Fridge Fonics
Leap Frog - Letter Factory
Anything Shrek related (he has the DVDs)
Spring/summer clothes (4T shorts/5 or 6T tops)
And, the best gift of all - college fund contributions ;)