Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A trip...

Dylan just had his first successful trip to a coast.
His 3rd or 4th cousin removed (their grandpas are 1st cousins - construct your own family tree) had his Bar Mitzvah out in the land of all things Soprano. It was Dylan's first time attending such a service and, with the help of a sucker, he did VERY well.
We stayed with my cousin (again, you do the math - our dad's are 1st cousins) and his family. They were very gracious hosts and their little girl Zoe and our little Dylan got along famously. A little smooching between the two of them had all the adults in awe of the love two little people can feel towards each other. They're both 3 and under so we don't care that they are related.
Here is a highlight reel:

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