Wednesday, January 10, 2007

On blogging...Revisited

I have been absent from the blogging sphere for many months and there are a few very specific reasons why:

1. I'm pregnant and felt like crap the first 3-4 months and am now experiencing 1st trimester exhaustion in the 2nd trimester

2. A few events occurred in my life that were making it impossible for me to write about anything but those things and they weren't things I wanted to share with the world or anyone, really (don't ask because I won't tell)

3. Work has been really busy and occupying both nights and days

With that said, I think it's time I return to the blogging world and to my writing ways.

The past few months have been a jumble of craziness, emotional highs and lows and lots of physical changes for me. As I mentioned, I'm preggers which means my body is rapidly changing. Funny thing is, I'm having a much tougher time dealing with it this time than I did with Dylan. I'm showing earlier, which I know is normal, but I'm also having to deal with the transitional phase longer. With D I went from not showing at all to having an adorable little bump in a blink of an eye around 6 months. This time I have been in maternity clothes since about 4 months and it's taking a long time for the bump to look like I've swallowed a basketball rather than like I've been tipping the Budweiser bottle back too often. I'll live.

However, this time around everyone and their uncle feels it's their right to comment on my bump. From, "you're so tiny!" (love this one) to "if I didn't know you were pregnant I'd think you were just getting fat" (no I'm not kidding) to "oh, you're putting it on on the sides, too" to everything in between. Why oh why do people say stupid shit like this? I'll never figure it out. I say the only thing you are allowed to say to a pregnant woman is "you look fantastic!" 'Nough said.

Dylan is growing at an exponential rate, as usual, and is developing his language skills faster than I can really notice. It's such a continuous stream of expansion and learning that it's almost lost on us. It's the people who don't see him as often who notice how clear his speech is getting and how much more he communicates. His current skills include counting to 30 (while skipping 16 EVERY single time, we don't know why), knows all his letters and the sounds they make, is reading simple 3 letter words and can spell and recognize his name.

We are also amazed at the sense of empathy he has developed and his silliness. He's such a goofball with a sense of humor, an already developing sense of sarcasm and a heart of gold. If I'm sad he gives me hugs, if I bump my leg he gives it kisses, if he doesn't like the tone Dave and I are using with one another he tells us to stop. He just wants everyone to be happy and goofy like he is.

The baby is doing really well. We had an ultrasound about 2 weeks ago and everything looked perfect. NO, we did not find out the sex and we're not going to. It's much better for me not to know. This little one is kicking the crap out of me on a daily basis and Dave has been able to feel it on several occasions. Dylan is still a bit unsure about the whole baby deal but finally seems to accept that mommy has a baby in her belly.

That's the update, brain dump, whatever you want to call it.

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