Thursday, March 06, 2008


We have had a lot of doc appointments in the last couple of weeks. We had Sasha's 9-month. She measured an impressive 29.5" and weighs almsot 21 pounds. She's doing very well in terms of development. She's also cruising ahead of her brother in terms of ear tubes. She's getting them next week. Dylan got them right after his first birthday. And so the competition begins...

Dylan had his 5 year appointment last week. He's 48 inches tall which means I will now refer to his height in feet. He's 4 feet tall and weighs about 60 pounds. Also doing well with development. Doc agrees he definitely thinks about things a bit differently than most but it will likely facilitate great creativity in his future. Three cheers for being a non-comformist.

The cute factor in our house has gotten out of control. Sasha thinks Dylan is the funniest human being on earth. Everytime he speaks to her she starts giggling uncontrollably. Seriously, you could die from the cuteness.

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