Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25+ Things

I did this on Facebook and figured I would cross-post here. I have a added a few.

1. My children are the most important people in my life. The mere thought of losing them send me into a tailspin.
2. I've been engaged 3 times in my life, twice to the same person.
3. No matter how many years pass, I will never be comfortable with my kids or me participating Christmas.
4. I have never had a perm.
5. I am making new friends for the first time in nearly a decade and love it.
6. I have never traveled through Europe.
7. I desperately want to travel through Europe.
8. I'm still not 100% sure what I want to do when I grow up.
9. Both my children have middle names in honor of a great-grandparent.
10. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had taken greater risks with my education and career.
11. I wish my kids had cousins and I fear they never will.
12. I forgive too easily.
13. I think I am a good mom.
14. I hate beer. The taste, the smell, all of it.
15. Allergies have robbed me of the ability to really enjoy summer.
16. I don't bake.
17. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my family and friends enjoy a meal I cooked for them.
18. I'm terrible at spending time alone. Always have been.
19. I'm a control-freak. Being out of control stresses me out tremendously.
20. Because of #19, I hate surprises.
21. The sex of both of my children was a surprise at birth, by choice.
22. My 6-word essay is: Family of four, room for more?
23. I wish Dylan called me "mama" rather than "mommy."
24. I have fantastic friends.
25. I have a wonderful and supportive family.
26. I am afraid I will never really find my "circle."
27. The song "Silent Night" makes me cry. Instantly.
28. I keep this blog relatively private by design.
29. I check to make sure my kids are breathing every night before I go to bed.
30. I'm terribly scared of what the future may bring right now.
31. My children can break my heart in an instant.
32. My children can make my heart soar in an instant.
33. I am ridden with guilt and insecurity.
34. I don't worry about what people think of me, I worry how what I say/do will affect them.
35. I'm almost always lonely. Especially in groups.


mama said...

on 26-35:

26. It took me 30 years to find my circle, I finally have....we have room for one more... ;)

27. me too. especially when sung in german.

30. It'll be fine.

33. Not worth it. I too, have some guilt issues, life's too short--totally not worth it. don't sweat guilt or insecurities, you're perfect just the way you are.

35. I can relate to this, as an only child for a lot of my life, I have a similar lonely feeling....until I found my circle, I felt lonely all the time....again, back to 26, we still have room for another.

Not sure why we found each other again, but I'm sure the someone that we both just "sort of" believe in, has something to do with it. Thanks for being my new/old friend, I'm always here if you don't want to be "lonely"

Cheers to super awesome mama friends!
Love, me

The Mommy said...

Just ran across this when looking for something. Made me smile. Although I feel like the circle needs a little mending these days.