Sunday, August 23, 2009


Sasha likes dresses. Not just any dresses, party dresses. They must twirl, too.

Since her party dresses tend to be on the pricey side, we aren't big fans of her wearing them to day care where she frequently sits in the dirt. The dresses are mainly reserved for weekend wear. Last weekend I decided she WOULD wear some cute capri pants and the matching T. We'd had the outfit all summer and I love it. After wrestling the outfit on to her, Sasha proceeded to throw a tantrum. Foot stomping, tears streaming tantrum. During said tantrum she said the following:

I don't wuv it! It's too plain!!! Let's do pink!!!

This mantra was repeated a number of times. "Pink" is her favorite little party dress. She finally let up and wore the pants. Oye.

The week before she took a look at the top she was wearing and proclaimed: I don't yike this. This is not good fo' Sasha.

God help me in 10 years.

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