Monday, February 13, 2006

Life as a Partridge

Well, as one of you so astutely pointed out, we now bear a striking resemblance to the Partridge Family. At least once a day, Dave and I both get handed an instrument and are instructed to play. Tonight I got to play the tambourine. Dave, being the true musician that he is, is trying to keep us all in synch with the use of a metronome. He starts it, it goes for about a minute and then Dylan closes it. He's not a fan.

On another note, I got to share one of my all time favorite activities with the little monster this weekend. We took him to his first movie theater movie. We saw Curious George, a.k.a. The Monkey Movie. Dylan loved it and actually laughed at the funny parts. He was an absolute prince and didn't even have to take a potty break. Which is good because I have no idea how he would have reacted to the fact that the movie cannot paused in the same way it can at home.

I have a feeling we'll be enjoying an encore presentation on his birthday.

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