Friday, June 23, 2006

Umbilical cord...Revisited

It seems as though lately the umbilical cord that connected Dylan to me in utero has somehow resurfaced in an invisible manner. If I get more than three feet away from the boy he thinks I am leaving to never be seen again. We're not entirely sure what brought this on but it's killing my back.

This had already started when Dave left for the week last week. His absence and our short stay in the hospital, suspected appendicitis which turned out to be dehydration resulting from a stomach bug, have only enhanced this immense need for the Mommy. As anyone who has met my child knows, it's not "I want Mommy," it's "I want THE Mommy." Like I am some object that his been stolen away from him.

The possessiveness is also quite entertaining. God forbid my mother says, "Dylan, this is my daughter." Such a comment is met with an adamant proclamation of, "NOOOOO Babulya, that's MY mommy!" As if anyone wants me for their own mommy.

Someday this child is going to have to share HIS mommy. I can only hope at that time his love of babies will overshadow his possessiveness of the mommy.

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