Monday, October 08, 2007

Let's talk about breasts, baby!

I now have a "Facebook Sucks" button on my page. Why? Well, seems that Facebook has taken to deleting photos of women breastfeeding their children. Those photos are "inappropriate." However, flashing your tits at a frat party and posting the photos for all to see is OK. Um, sure.

I breastfeed, I do it in public. I do it in private. I do it wherever I damn well please and the first person to ever ask me to put away my boob when my baby is hungry will be told exactly where to go. Luckily, noone has been dumb enough to say a word to me yet. Then again, I have mastered the art of discreetly, publicly breastfeeding (without a cover I might add). Seriously, men have started up conversations with me while my car was getting serviced without a clue as to what I was doing. They thought the baby was sleeping.

What I find the most entertaining about the whole Facebook issue is that breasts displayed in a sexual manner are ok but breasts being shown sustaining human life are not. It's fucked up. If I want to post a picture of myself nursing my baby girl for my friends to see, which I don't want to post, who the hell cares. Seriously, half the Twin Cities metro area has seen at least a glimpse of my boobs at this point.

I'm surprised, a little, at how comfortable I am with the whole thing. Granted, I used to dance at First Ave. in my bra, but I was 15 and had a rockin' bod and no one could actually SEE my boobs. Anyway, I've always been comfortable showing (a lot of) cleavage and showing off my assets but I've never been one to freely show my breasts. Not in a locker room, not if front of a boyfriend or friends. But with breastfeeding it's different. They're not sexual in this situation. They are totally utilitarian. They are there to serve a purpose and getting my daughter fed is more important than any modesty. Besides, that modesty went out the window when I gave birth. After that sight I didn't really care anymore.

What I'm totally suprised by is how my husband doesn't care about the public breastfeeding either. Hubby dear loves the boobs. Always has, always will. He thinks they're the greatest things ever. And he considers it a great privilage that he is the only one that get to see them in all their glory. BUT, he too recognizes that when I am nursing they are far from a sexual thing. He understands that feeding our daughter whenever she needs is more important than anything else. He understand that I will always be as modest as I can. And he understands that everyone needs to get over themselves and just look away.

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