Monday, December 17, 2007

When mom's attack - update

About a week ago, a mom verbally assaulted my child. I was so angry I left the party. After most people had gone, 3 women spoke to the crazy mom about her behavior. They explained how inappropriate it was and she simply stated she reacted the way she would with her own children. Sad. It seemed they finally made her understand she was wrong after a while. At the end of her friends talking to her, she said she was going to call me. My friend who hosted told me this. The week went by and there was no phone call.

This morning, we took the baby to get her ears rechecked after her diagnosed-at-2-am-in-ER ear infection from 2 weeks ago. As we are waiting to be seen, who should walk into the office - the yelling mom. I was so stunned to see her there. She immediately muttered an apology to me and then apologized to Dylan. Again, she repeated she just did what she does with her own kid. Sad, sad, sad. The apology to me was not sufficient. She says she will call. I wonder if she will.

In brighter new, my BFF is coming for a visit Saturday-Tuesday with her hubby and new baby girl. I can't wait to meet her little bundle and to spend some time with the girl who knows me better than anyone.

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jenny cook said...

that lady has issues. at least she seems to know she is in the wrong now. hope you had a good time with your bff. happy holidays as well!