Sunday, January 06, 2008

Crying Game...again

About 1 month ago, we made the decision to let our precious baby girl cry it out. It was a spur of the moment decision, as so many parenting decisions seem to be. A decision made out of necessity. She was making me crazy with her late night feedings and a crazy mommy is a bad mommy. Suddenly, she began eating at 1am as well as 4. Ok, I figured she was going through her 6-month growth spurt. Although, my children don't seem to have growth spurts - just constant growth resulting in "off-the-charts" kids. But I digress. I was perfectly ok with letting her eat. As long as she went right back to sleep. But one night, she decided she wasn't going back to sleep. She decided she was going to play. With my nose. With her hands. With my hair. As long as I was holding her she was happy as can be. The moment I put her down she screamed bloody murder. It was clear. She was playing me.

So, after about 35 minutes of trying to put her down, I had had enough. I decided it was time. Time to see what she would do. So we let her cry (I cried too). We went in after 5 minutes and soothed her. Then again after 10. About 2 minutes after we went in the second time, she stopped crying. I was in shock. My daughter is stubborn and the silence stunned me. I should have known better. For the next 30 minutes she tried to ride us out. She cycled - 3 minutes crying, 2 minutes not. I felt like in those 2 minutes of silence she was tapping her wrist where a watch would be and thinking to herself - Alright people, you have exactly 2 minutes to come get me or I shall scream. Again. All in all it took about 45 minutes and she went to sleep.

The next night there were no tears. The next night 25 minutes and the next 15 minutes. Funny thing is, the nights she cried at 1am, she slept through until the morning. The night she didn't, she wanted to eat at 4. This taught me something - she doesn't need to eat at night anymore. Since those first few nights, there have only been about 3 nights when the baby has had to cry at all.

She is now sleeping through the night and falling asleep peacefully as she nurses at bedtime. We are able to, at least occasionally, put her down for a nap without tears. In a nutshell, things have been much better with the wee one. We're still exhausted since she gets up at 6am like clockwork, but things are better.

On the flip side, she seems to be equally as prone to ear infections as Dylan. November 30th we were in the ER with her. She had a double ear infection. She was checked 2 weeks later and she was fine. Xmas Eve, we were at the doc again. Another double ear infection. We have a recheck Friday and I'm sue she'll be fine. I will also be talking to the doctor about a referral to the ENT. We'll see what happens.

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