Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Head Strong and Beautiful

Last night my child showed me just how stubborn he really is. I had the audacity to try to get him to eat one teeny, tiny piece of cauliflower smothered in cheese. The following is a list of things D chose to do because he would not have a bite of cauliflower:

Not finish watching the Story Book Factory (the 3rd installment of the Letter Factory series)
Not have a chocolate chip cookie
Not watch anything
Have a time out - the child actually said, No, I don't want cauliflower, I want a time out.

Seriously, there was hardly enough food on the fork to even taste it. He did put it in his mouth once only to spit it out on contact. I don't know how to get through to him to get him to taste things. Nothing works. The couple of times he has chosen to give something a shot, he has liked it. Doesn't matter who eats it, doesn't matter how many times we make exaggerated "mmmm this is so good" sounds. He just won't. And when he decides he won't do something, the kid sticks to his guns.

I'm so proud I could burst.

Rather than looking at how infuriating his behavior was, I look at the strength it takes to behave in such a manner. Most kids would give in and have a bite of the food since it's their ticket to what they want. Not mine. He's strong, beautiful, smart, kind, sassy, loving, polite, silly, considerate and the most fun child I could ever imagine. What could possibly be better?

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