Wednesday, May 27, 2009

thinking again

I had a wonderful coffee date with a former colleague/friend today. She's developing a fabulous business which I hope takes off for her. As we spoke, we did a little collaborating and the juices in my brain started flowing again. I left energized. Energized by someone valuing my ideas and input. Energized by the fact that I have ideas and input to contribute. My brain still works after all.

I didn't realize how much I missed that type of exchange. How much I missed pulling from the parts of my brain which aren't used in my "mom life."

We also discussed my love of writing and how I really don't do it enough. I mentioned a goal I have had for a while and have done nothing to achieve. I would like to write more. Pick topics at random, think about them and write down my thoughts. Form opinions in writing. Organize the randomness in my head into something cohesive and meaningful. I should really get on that.

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