Friday, August 24, 2007

A day in the life...

Inspired by Susan, whose day actually starts earlier than my own, I have decided to give everyone (no one?) insight into what it's like to be me. I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat.

We're starting on Wednesday night:

11:15 crawl into bed
11:45 turn off lights after some reading
12:15 baby wakes up, nurse try to get her back to bed
1am - baby asleep, crawl into bed
2 - wake because she usually wakes up at the time, mind races with all the things I have to do
4 - ditto
6:20 - the boy comes into bed
6:30 - alarm goes off because that is what time I should be getting up to make it out of the house on time if I were working, we were supposed to start dry running this week - yeah right!
7:05 - D is bored with us trying to sleep, he goes and gets his animal books to read to us
7:30 - hop in the shower
8 ish - Sasha wakes up, nurse
8:45 - Get out of the house to take D to day care, screaming by Sasha begins since we're in the car
9:15- Leave D at daycare, head home, Sasha falls asleep
9:30 - Arrive at home, stay in car reading so as not to disturb the princess
10:15 - Sasha wakes up, go inside
10:45 - change diaper, nurse
11:00- Sasha in bouncer while I do some design work on my brother's wedding invitations
11:15 - leave for lunch with some friends, catch up with a former co-worker on the way
11:30 - pick up friends, go have lunch
12:30 - drop off friends, drive home while baby screams
12:45 - arrive at home playtime for S
1:30 - nurse, baby falls asleep
2:15 - put sasha down in her crib, she's asleep, do a happy dance, more design work
3:00 - Sasha cries, go pick her up and she immediately is back asleep
3:30 - Put Sasha in crib again, try to nap for a few minutes
4:15 - Sasha wakes up, nurse
4:45 - Sasha spits up in my hair
4:50 - take another shower
5:30 - go get D
6:15 - home from daycare, start dinner
7:00 - scarf down dinner while bouncing the baby in her bouncer
7:20 - change baby into jammies, nurse while D sits in bed with me singing and talking just so he can tell me the following "Mommy, can you say 'Please stop singing, Dylan.'?" He likes to script our conversations
7:50 - baby asleep
8:05 - I THINK I'm in the clear and can put her down in a few minutes
8:08 - mini meltdown
8:19 - put down baby, go say goodnight to D, go downstairs to watch some TV, check email, etc.
9:00 - Sasha wakes up crying, Dave goes to soothe
9:15 - Sasha cries again, I go to soothe
10:00 - up to bed, pump
10:45 - lights out
3am - baby wakes and here we go again

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