Thursday, January 31, 2008


Things are changing in my world. I have started a new job after almost 4 years at my last, we have kindergarten registration for Dylan next week, Sasha is starting to wave/say "ba bye" and she pulled up to a stand the other day.

All these changes are making me spin. I feel like the world is spinning and I'm just standing still while everyhting happens around me. I'm trying to get my head wrapped around so many things right now.

I can't believe next week we go to Dylan's kindergarten registration. I can't believe my little boy will go to school next year. I've written before that I worry about him. He's immature. That's what it comes down to. He is smart as a whip and knows just about everything he is supposed to know when he leaves kindergarten, but he's immature. I worry how this will affect him once he gets to school. How this will affect his interactions with other children. I just worry.

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