Thursday, August 31, 2006


I'm sick. Not just a sniffle, not just a little cough but full blown someone kill me now sick.

# of days feeling like hell: 4
# of hours spent in the office: almost 4
number of hours spent working on the couch when I should be resting: about 30
# of times my amazing husband has done something to keep this little family afloat while the mommy is out of commission: 87298732948273498273

I seriously don't know what I would do without this wonderful man by my side. Without a peep he has gotten the D meister up, dressed and to daycare everyday. Without a peep he has kept the child entertained without video intervention at night, bathed him, dressed him and made sure he stays in bed after the 15th time the boy asks to get up to go poopy.

He has also made me soup and tried to get me to eat other things even though I don't want much of anything. Flus are really the best diet, aren't they?

Thank you, my love, for keeping our little house running. I promise you, there will be a day of sleeping in, indulgent cooking by the wife and some R&R with a horrid sci-fi flick of your choice. That day will come soon.

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