Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fraudulant Behavior

Half the time I feel like I'm just playing the part of a grown up. Like I'm going through the motions of being a professional, a wife, a home owner, a mother. I feel like everyone has it more together than I do.Like at any moment I will be found out and exposed for what I really am. Scared. Terrified, in fact. Terrified of failure. Failing at work and failing at home. Failing at being an adult. Failing at life.

I have a great family. My kids are thriving so I must be doing something right. A great marriage. I'm fairly successful. I have a great home. But it never seems to be enough. It's never enough to convince me that I'm good enough, smart enough and that, gosh darn it, people like me. It's the scared little girl I used to be coming out to make sure I don't forget about her. To make sure I don't forget to work harder. Try harder. Demand more. Always more because if I don't keep demanding more of myself I might become complacent. And nothing good comes with complacency.

So I hope I never become 100% sure of myself. I hope I always little doubts in my mind, here and there. Things I think I can improve about myself. About the way I do my job, raise my kids, run my home or be a wife. I hope I can always maintain the humility it takes to realize you can do better. Because it's always possible to do something better.

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jenny said...

if having some doubt pushes you to keep getting better - that's great too - just make sure you are giving yourself enough credit for what you are doing!