Friday, November 23, 2007

Question of the day?

What's more important - spending the day with grandchildren you see 3 times a year or shopping at the Mall of America? The answer seems obvious, doesn't it?


Erinclot said...

To me the answer is obvious. The only time I ever go to the Mall of America is when my In-Laws are in town- once a year, usually for 2-3 days tops. I don't get the draw. There is so much to do in this fair city of ours and they want to spend a huge chunk of time at the MOA. I don't even have kids and it pisses me off that I lose time with these people because they want to check out the Brighton store and get Magic Pan crepes.

jenny cook said...

that answer is slapping me right in the face right now! family is number one and shopping well, falls close to the bottom of the list (or atleast it should)!

hope you had a nice thanksgiving!

Jenny R. said...

Wow...seems pretty obvious to me...I can't believe that! Now, there should absolutely be no quilt of not visiting them next month. Gee, they can't even spend the day with D and Sasha but they expect you to drive with a screaming kid for hrs and hrs...ya right! I hope that you could enjoy your Thanksgiving and remember all the things that DO make sense. Cute pictures BTW on flickr...I CAN'T believe how much Sasha looks like, they are definetly brother-sister that's for sure and they look so darn CUTE together! LOVE THEM! Thanks for the reading and hope the rest of the weekend goes/went good. Talk to you soon!

Jenny R.