Thursday, November 08, 2007

Mommy Guilt

It took me a long time to get over the guilt I felt when I put Dylan into daycare at 12 weeks of age. He adjusted well and I saw him blossoming. He has great friends and is in a wonderful environment. He has fun and most mornings drop off involves a quick hug, kiss, I love yous and he runs off to play with a smile. This morning was different. This morning I took both kids to the doctor for colds, they're fine, and brought them to daycare late. Sasha is still young enough not to notice. Dylan, on the other hand, definitely noticed the extra time with mom.

On the way to daycare he started begging not to be left there. "Don't go to work, Mommy."

When we got there, I had to peel him off me after 20 hugs and kisses. He wanted to wave to me through the window. He did so with tears in his eyes mouthing the words don't go. By the time I got in the car, I had tears in my eyes too. There are days I wonder if it's worth it. If the life we lead is worth the time away from my kids. I have written before about the push and pull I feel about being a working mother. Most days I handle it well. Most days I enjoy my time at work and being me. I enjoy the drive to and from work with my husband when we get to have an actual converstation.

But on days like today, I wish I had the freedom to just scoop him up in my arms and go play. Go have fun and make memories. Cater to his every whim rather than catering to the demands of work. I wish my children didn't get what little is left of me at the of the day. I wish I got to spend more than 2 waking hours a day with them. Neither of those hours being quality time. The hour in the morning is spent running around trying to get out the door. The hour in the evening is spent trying to get dinner, get play time, baths, books, bed. I spend half the time sequestered in a room with Sasha, feeding her and putting her to bed. It's wonderful time I spend with her. It's time I don't spend with D. I miss him, he misses me I feel guilty. I don't spend enough time with Sasha, I feel guilty. I don't spend enough time with Dave, I feel guilty. I think about the kids and home at work, I feel guilty. I think about work at home, I feel guilty.

Will there ever be a time when I don't feel guilty?

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jenny said...

oh! we all struggle with this - i know i do. i just have to know that i am helping to provide a comfortable life for my family and that soon enough he will be busy with his own friends/hobbies/school/etc. to not even notice the hours i am at work. my parents worked when i grew up so maybe i just know it all works out in the end? you are not alone in this girl! :)